I hope phoenix will be better

i cant, since i broke a rule so (sorry @Animadoria)
i wont, unless if im 13

thats why i get disease because registering when you are still underage is violent and illegal

yeah A.13 works on discord/service

so no, i wont regiser until 2024 like shit

well maybe after 2024 you can register, but only on service
(i don’t remember how service A.13 rule works, but i think is same as discord one maybe)

two fucking years, what

this takes a long journey of two fucking years, i mean, im not 11, just 12 like so

sadly USA have coppa thing so yeah there tons of problems

im seriously in a diffrent country, and i do turn 13 in 2024

or if i mind finding another msn messenger revival like so

me too, but is not changing anything for coppa

there none, and if you gonna find one, quality of it gonna be painful

atleast i have kicq since they didnt support coppa

hey @also_world, wanna add me in kicq

you already in my list

@Animadoria plz unban @kikoabdou

ignore him, dude

il hop on mac tiger since i have kicq icq 3.4 mac

will not work + A.13 + there was many attempts

@also_world, do you have a mac system