I have sinned very badly

A Heavily themed Windows 10 (22H2). As an experiment.
(The background was done by me, not that good ik, i made it a while back. I am working on a new one though, my artstyle has improved since!)
(The VRAM report is wrong. It has much more.)

The Control Centre:

Stage Manager and Volume Control:

Window Styles, DOSBox running Duke Nukem 3D was used as an example:

Windows Media Player Skins still work great!

WLM still works ok, there are some visual errors like “Signing in…” being light gray.

Icon magnification in action:

My art program running, buttons are positioned to the left.


Wow, whatever the tools are to do this have come a long way, at least visually, it would probably fool most people.
Extra +1 for Duke :stuck_out_tongue:

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It failed to change the Windows Icons, but I know how do that anyway. Though the method i had used seems to work better with earlier versions of Windows 10, can’t remember entirely though.

can windows 9x run on dosbox tho

Yes, but for me, it only runs in 16 colors, because it uses IMGMOUNT, I can’t access a mapped host folder, thus i can’t get the required drivers into the OS. If you can help me, that’d be great XD

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I recently installed Win98 in DOSBox-X for a project, and I followed this guide, works really well.

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I opened the image in DOSBox-X, and it actually mounted to folder i was trying to mount too.
I was able to install the S3, and SB16 drivers. Now it works in original DOSBox, thanks for the help!

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yeah it can (source: i ran windows 9x and windows 3.x on vanilla dosbox)

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That is not the reason why you were banned, but I’m sure you don’t want me to make public all the reasons of your ban.

In regards to the proper thread, I think it looks good, but the window borders look weird I blame windows 11

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Is this a mac or windows I’m confused

This is Windows 10 22H2

Jit sinned. Fr.

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A wild Megadeth comeback!

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wait @woodland586 how did u do all of it

desktop looks very good :smiley:
I wonder, Linux is way more customizable, or at least it’s supposed to be, but I have never found a perfectly macos looking theme for Linux… All of them have something that fails, like the top bar.