Wow. I have never drawn a car this well

I have been revising car “anatomy?”.
I have decided to start a remake of my desktop wallpaper (You may have seen the original here)
I attempted to draw the 66’ Ford Mustang once more, and wow!

Looks pretty good!!


what is wrong with you?

in regards to the actual thread, i can see thats gonna be some real good art

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Thanks^^ This was the final result!

Thanks! This was the final result!

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OK. We get it. You know how to spell the word furry.

I don’t want to take away from the rest of it, but you weren’t kidding about working on the car. There’s all sorts of depth, texturing, and colouring, right down to the wheels, and the grass underneath. I’ve looked a few times and see more detail every time.

Also, it looks like these two had a lovely evening :slight_smile:

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sorry. i will promise i won’t be saying that stuff btw.

It’s OK. Thanks for apologizing. I apologize for anything I did that might have upset you.

either way your artwork is kinda nice.

Thanks, I’m glad you like it

looks kinda like sonic (talkin’ about artstyle), i like it

I only now just noticed that!