I have a Minecraft server! [DEAD]

Hey players, what plugins do you want. Also at the same time what changes do you guys want.

The only idea I have is to maybe upgrade to 1.12.2 but get a plugin that restores 1.8 combat.

Why not make a Tekkit Classic server?

I have a question. Why? I don’t want a 3rd minecraft server.

If u have not played tekkit classic ever then it doesnt make any sense to explain it

inb4 it’s a heavily-modded server

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Hey. I am looking for server icons and MOTD’s. Please dm me a picture or MOTD via MG or Discord (which is icanttellyou#5786).

Use wubbzy.

I need a server to host this on as the one I have access to will shut down on April 4th, and I don’t have a server to host this on. And no it’s not because the owner is “toxic”, it’s because servers are not free.

home server, or use vps

I have no spare machines that work.

These also require me to have money.

idk 4-5 eur not a big deal I think, espec first 30 days are free.

I can host a server for you

I have a functional home server, I can help you set this thing up. Imma send the teamviewer code for it later. 0 bucks. :yum:

How reliable is your home internet?

Backdoors? Not on my server.


Never lagged babe

I use Linux Mint, no virus4life

hey im the one here with a mac mini and 175mb/s down

You can access my console and do no no things like ban innocent players or MESS UP THE SERVER, if you host my server.