I have a Minecraft server! [DEAD]

IP: mattx.info.tm:25566
Version: 1.2.5

So yea, I have a Minecraft server. Feel free to connect. Please don’t grief.


A long time later, and there are some players playing on the server. But since this post is so old I can’t edit it. So the server is now running 1.7.10 but you can join with 1.8.9.

Here’s how spawn looks like.

Guess who built that? Of course, it’s me lol

(also there’s dupe stashes of my sword hidden on the map, along with alpha leaves i got from eper’s base)

Update: The world got fucked so we’re getting a map reset.

Not likeley.

The server is back!. Feel free to connect and see the damage that was done. Only the areas at spawn are affected.

However expect server to be down as icanttellyou isn’t 100% the owner of the server, in the background, there are some toxic people that kill the server when CPU activity gets too high.

Heres an map i like

Its basically an city

Perfect for servers imo

this server is on 1.7.10 (and is currently down), and i doubt your map will be on the server, as it’s not multi-map (eg like every other server)

I know, but just take a look at it, if you’d like it, ask icanttellyou to put it (that is, if he likes it)

It’ll require making another server (which means another port, 25565 is a beta 1.3 server from ICTY), and ICTY doesn’t even have full ownership of the server, some two other toxic dudes manage the server, and they fucking CLOSE the server process (thus fucking the server and requiring a reboot) whenever the CPU activity is too high.

june edit: some of the infomation i said is complete bull.

Server is back up, somehow a chunk was so corrupted that it kept crashing the server.

I actually had that chunk saved on my xaero map (which has everything, including yellow’s base)

When I went into that chunk. SERVER CRASHED.

The server is working, and there is no crash chunk.

Going to check it later this evening.

i’m in

i have a dog now :stuck_out_tongue:

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