I hate Windows 8.x

Hi guys,

Today I come to say that I HATE WINDOWS 8.X because this things: its interface is horrible. Why anyone would like to have Modern UI??? Because, Modern UI is literally HORRIBLE and
uncomfortable. Who the heck thinks that interface is great or comfortable, its only comfortable for tablet-PC(the other thing that I hate). Another thing why Windows 8.x is absolute bul***** is because of the few changes in the operating system. And the greatest horror of this Operating poop: The new start menu. I know that everyone will say “download classic shell” or “Download StartIsBack++” But noone wants that programs. Noone wants AeroGlass for Windows 8+ or Classic Shell. The people wants genuine UI and not cheap copys of the genuine UI.

I really prefear Windows 7, with Windows Aero UI and normal start menu.

Long live Windows 7!


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this entire post in a nutshell:

and i love how all your arguments are like ‘‘i hate this and this’’ without any motives, nice!




:ok_hand: noice

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The fuck? I’m using 8.1 on my laptop and it isn’t bloated AF compared to Windows 10.

Also your excuse for your post is to so that you can use 7, even though you can littearly install Classic Shell and Aero for Windows 8+ on 8.1 (yet you say THesE ArE CloENs And SHit1!1)

I’ve used both Classic Shell (so that search wouldn’t be slow-ass and i wouldn’t end up on a now-parked site) and Aero for Windows 8+ (so that it would look like the beta), and i’ve also used Win7+ Taskbar Tweaker to remove the “start button” as i, suprise suprise, never use it. Why? Because i use the Start key.


YOUR OPINION IS NoT liKE mY oPiNiOn?1!?+1+1+11??1+

Well, at least Windows 8.1 takes less system resources. At least as I’m aware, and the UI is your problem. If you don’t like it just install a f****** 7 skin. It’s by far much better than 10. IMO.

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This, Windows 10 introduced/still has a fuck-ton of bugs/annoyances.

  • Explorer often reboots when trying to do a action
  • Wi-Fi takes a fuck ton of time to even start.
  • Endless notifications for updates (even though Windows never installs them, which made me stuck on 1903 instand of 1909)
  • Delays between after clicking the Start Button/Start Key and the Start Menu appearing.

I’m going to ditch Windows 10 for at least a year or two.


i LOVE Windows 8.1… xD Windows 10 sucks… Too much ‘‘over safe’’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, Windows 8.x (i say 8.x because 8.0 is also extremely fast and stable) is lighter

last time that happened with me was in fall creators update, never happened again

pretty sure that’s your computer’s problem

again, that’s your computer and not the OS itself

wrong, same exact computer, different operating system (in this case vista), different browser (in this case, mypal), exact same wi-fi usb thingy. the wi-fi issues are non-existent.

I still got that in 1903, keep in mind that my Windows 10 setup likely originally was 1809.



i never had that Wi-fi issue in any of my computers that i installed Windows 10, so idk what would be the cause of that

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likely ethier a faulty driver or some bug i haven’t bothered to check.

that could be the case, do you know if you are/were (if you don’t have W10 anymore) using the latest internet driver?

Well, the Wi-Fi USB Stick had two electric tapes on it (likely added by my father for unknown reasons), I removed one of them which revealed the model, so then i was able to find a driver for Vista, I had to use another computer (in this case, my Acer running Windows 8.1).

So why it don’t happens with me, Pedro and thousand of other users? I’m sure the problem is in your PC.


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“i hate windows 8.1 because the ui and start menu is a cringe!!!1111”

bitch classic shell exists for a reason
and not even the ui is all that different it’s just Windows 7’s ui without transparency or rounded edges
if you try to convince me that aero is an important feature i’m showing you the door

to say an operating system sucks because the UI isn’t that great is a dumb argument