I got a error on da wlm 2009 setup

when i try 2 install wlm 2009 a warning popz up saying dat it will abort da setup…

i dont have idea why dis happenz…

Do you have Windows Live Mail 2011 or 2011 messegner? Those can cause problems with setyup
you cant mismatch versions of mail and messenger.

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i think it was windows essentialz…i uninstalled it tho ill miss movie maker, but now im having issues w logging in since wlm 4 sum reason it sayz password n name doesnt match…

you can install movie maker from essentials 2009

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i was using da 2012 version since da 2.6 had many issues on my pc…n da 6.0 one couldnt even open

If you mean where is windows live essentials 2009 installer file, here it is:

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uninstall essentials

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i did it n wlm 2009 workz okay 4 now…