I found a kid in Windows ME!

Windows Movie Maker Sample File.zip (339.7 KB) YEAH


why you maked a topic about this eveyone already knows (i guess, not sure)

Maybe not everyone, because not everyone has used Windows ME. Right, BSOD?

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g o o g l e m a h f r i e n d

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How are you supposed to look for something that you don’t know about?

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if you know the clip, but not the name.

Yep i did not know the name until i sawis it on mm me

oh ok

That’s nice!

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Well he is cute

iam the only who hates this windows me jokes ?

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good thing to see that iam not the only

I hate those jokes too. I also hate it when people joke about how bad Windows Vista is when half of the people have never even used it.


yeah , people that says that windows vista is bad never used windows 7 rtm ( i used this … its a nightmare ) and people that says that windows me is bad … well never used 95 or 98 ( FE )

I used to use a computer with Windows ME, but I was too young to really form an opinion on it. I don’t remember it crashing that much.

I like windows me


It doesnt bsod for me

cool :slight_smile: