I don't understand what "edit" means in Escargot's page

I got the unpatched version of MSN Messenger 7.5. I replaced the .dll file, but then, i read i have to “edit” the .exe file. How? What program do i use?

You will need a hex editor.

Some examples: XVI32, HxD, HexEdit.

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@TReKiE Ok, downloaded it, but now what? Any tutorial on internet to do this?

normally, change the part with the URLs, i don’t know where it is, but it’s in those URLs somewhere…

@yellows111 We’re talking about hex, a bunch of weird numbers and letters. Also, i tried to change some values with HxD, and it gave me an error, something about read only.

i’m actually using HxD now, have you tried moving the msnmsgr.exe file out of the install location, you won’t be able to modify the file in the install directorys.

Messenger Config (MsgrConfig.asmx) is exacty 0002E68C to 0002E6C1.

@yellows111 Oh, ok. I edited the messenger.hotmail.com part. Now, where’s http://config.messenger.msn.com/Config/MsgrConfig.asmx?

should be the hex value above, i found it there.

a screenshot of a example of this location is below:

PS/Edit: you can use Ctrl+F in HxD to find values and text.

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Oh, ok! Thanks! I’ll try it out!

Oh no! Key Port Error!
Hmmm… Does anybody have the patched .exe file?

not really, i’ve not even got the unpatched version installed, i just opened a installer using 7-Zip and extracting “msnmsgrexe”, letting me to attempt to assist.

@yellows111 Wait… you got the patched version installed?
Give me the files! When i try to install 7.5 i get a ton of errors!

sadly, due to the registry required to even start MSN Messenger, it would be too hard to give you some registry values to hopefully get it working.

Oh, any solution then? Tutorial? Anything like that?

also, sometimes the msidcrl.dll file you replace will restore itself back to it’s old state, unless somehow disabled.

@yellows111 Hm… weird… any solution?

i’m not sure, i installed a patched 7.5 copy, seemed easy as opening the installer, also made sure WLM 20XX is uninstalled first, before i could even install MSN Messenger.

What’s WLM 20XX?