I create a new Internet Browser for Messenger Geek and escargot users :)

I’m making a (community) Internet Browser for messengergeek and escargot users :slight_smile: which will be included in the browser: Default Browser Page is Messengergeek forum :slight_smile: + Pre-ordered Buttons for loading easier pages like google, yahoo, msn !!! :slight_smile: Please support my project so I can continue to improve thanks :slight_smile:

And the Internet browser name is: MGIB MessengerGeekInternetBrowser :slight_smile:

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UHM, there was a problem saying that the messengergee page in your web browser says that you are using an old browser and it is not working so please refresh the page! any idea? Visual studio 2010

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Wow estás creando un navegador web? Que genial bro

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One question.
What engine this browser using? Gecko? Chromium?

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Looks like the WebBrowser Windows Forms control. It’s embedding IE.


Yeah. @Patrik_Heim, you should try another engine, like chromium.

I don’t know sorry :frowning: i’M just a beginner programmer and i don’t know what is gecko or chromium :(! how to get it ?? i use visual studio 2010

ok, i know now what is chromium :slight_smile: chromium google webbrowser :slight_smile: but this webbrowser using windows form webbrowser

Guide on how to build it. But you need to upgrade your visual studio to at least 2017, bytheway.

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OMG!!! BUT IN THE NEW VERSION OF VISUAL STUDIO have new programming language codes not old ones :frowning: yeah and what’s all this code on this site my Jesus!

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That’s just a Internet Explorer container, so it’s only IE but with some tweaks

Seriously, i know how to get rid of IE on Win XP-10 so if someone does it that “IE Container” won’t work

CefSharp is the better option these days to use in managed projects if you need a modern browser.

There’s been some progress on the Edgium WebBrowser, but it’s still early and there’s no managed control yet.


Actually, removing IE from Control Panel, only “hides” it. The container still works. (See ToastyTech acticles, I forgot which one it is)


Come on, an another IE frame?


Its not from control panel

Its some other way

He’s only a beginner programmer, cut him some slack :stuck_out_tongue:

Escargot developers @TReKiE!

Please don’t close this topic after the last comment!!
i developing this browser!!! :frowning:

Right, everyone here thinks they are expert developers. instead of advising or helping someone new, they throw all the shit at him.