I can't log in at 8.5

I just created an account but I was unable to login with messenger 8.5
What should I do ?, help!

Where did you create the account? And what OS are you running 8.5 on?

I made the account in “messengergeek” and the installer downloaded it from “Escargot”, I am using windows 7 and the email I registered is from “gmail”

LOL I see the mishap now. MessengerGeek is the forum and accounts on here aren’t usable on Escargot. You have to separately register your account on Escargot’s site.

LOL ! I have already registered and I have already logged in, thank you very much for responding.

add me to my email


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I’m having the same problem, I’m using windows 10

Like I asked the OP, did you create your account at the right place (Escargot’s site)? And is your password 8 characters or less because the older clients, which includes 8.x, tend to have problems with longer passwords.


my operating system and settings

I tried to register a password of different sizes, how many characters do you recommend?

8 at most. If you want to do less no one’s holding you back from doing that.

Also I’d check if MSN is able to log in at all by going to https://m1.escargot.log1p.xyz/nexus-mock on Internet Explorer specifically and see if it does anything. If it gives you a download prompt, that means MSN can log in and you can safely cancel the download prompt (or remove the file if it does it anyway). Otherwise there’s something wrong with IE settings.

the strangest thing is that for one account it opens and for another it doesn’t

I notice the problem now. You used an uppercase H in “Hotmail” when it’s usually lowercase. Emails are case sensitive and you should take note of that when attempting to log in.

I understand the H uppercase question, you could delete my email from the database so that I can re-register.

I could check how it’s set up in the database and see if there’s anything worth pointing out.

would you believe if i tell you that without explanation you connected? Only God to explain.

Doing a search with your email yields no results funnily enough. Since you’re sure you registered it I believe you might’ve registered it in a certain casing. I’ll do more investigative work on this.