How-To: WLM 2009 on Windows XP

Since this thread is 6 years old, I want to make an updated guide on how to connect to Escargot using WLM 2009 on Windows XP. But first, you need these prerequisites:
Internet Explorer 8: Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 for XP 8.0.6001.18702
tls.reg: Microsoft OneDrive
After downloading all of them, put them in your Windows XP computer/VM. Let’s begin!

  1. Import PosReady.reg and reboot the computer.

  2. Install KB4019276 and reboot the computer.

  3. Install Internet Explorer 8 and reboot the computer.

  4. Install KB4493435 and reboot the computer.

  5. Import tls.reg

  6. Open IE8 and verify that TLS 1.2 is enabled in settings.

  7. In IE8, open, click “Install Legacy Update”, run the installer and make sure the “Update Root Certificates” option is checked.

  8. You can close the legacy update IE window once the installation has finished. Test connectivity by visiting in IE8. If 405 error appears, you’re good to go.

  9. Download and install WLM 2009 from Escargot’s website. Once it’s finished, uncheck “Launch WLM 2009” and click finish. After that, patch WLM 2009 using the provided patcher.

  10. Open WLM 2009 and sign-in using your Escargot credentials.

  11. Enjoy!


i remenber using all working wlm versions only updating a lot Xp sp3 machine with IE 8
and nice post my brony friend!!

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thank you ^^