How to use MSN Switcher?


I downloaded and tried opening MSN Switcher, but only an icon of it showed up. Is there supposed to be a window or something showing up? If yes, how do I use the program? :confused:

If there’s supposed to be a window or something showing up, what am I doing wrong to get only the icon?

Also I’m still facing the login error. :frowning: What am I doing wrong? How do I use the Escargot server? :confused:


close msn switcher
download the prepatched 7.0


unzip and the log in with your mail created on the escargot site.


I tried that & it didn’t work. :frowning:


did you close msn switcher?


Yeah. I did that.


did you make an e-mail from here?


try 7.5

to log in on 7.5 —>

username —> (youre-mail)|(password) or whatever you have

password–> put your password here


Yeah. I tried that too.


Now, logging in it works, but my contact list is empty. Now I’m trying to add my old contacts.

As I do, I’m told they have to sign up for Microsoft Passport accounts.


Remember escargot has nothing to do with the real msn


Oh yeah. Got it!


MSN Switcher only needs to run in the background, and it has no window. It waits for MSN to start and then does some hooking to change its urls at runtime. So it’s important that MSN Switcher is already open before opening MSN, if you do it the other way around it won’t work.


Oh, I see. True, man.


Breaking news: MSN Switcher works on XP now (doesn’t crash anymore).




what do you mean??


side question: how do i download the switcher


Switcher doesn’t exist anymore. Please use the prepatched version:

You need to uninstall your old versions before.


ok, i wanted to use switcher because i can’t get 4.7 to work :disappointed:


You probably have an account that was created before valtron added an “Old MSN support (required to log in to MSN 1/2/3/4). These versions are insecure.” option during account creation.

If so, you will need to reset your password ( ) and check this box when you type the new password.