How to patch Yahoo! Messenger 6.0.0


Hello, as you may know, from the pools of the “how about a Old Yahoo! Messenger Server”
theres this guy (Wildman_Fujiami) who made a basic yahoo messenger server, informed that he
opened the server to outside connections, meaning that you can connect to the server and chat with people,
since yahoo messenger isnt aim, where you set the server from the settings and your ready to go, you need to do patching via regedit (oh no)

Anyways, to start off, heres the client download:

after downloading and installing, close yahoo from the system tray or task manager, or whatever.

heres the (not) fun part, patching.

open regedit by your start menu or Windows+R and typing regedit, now go to
click on the pager folder icon ()
then this should appear in the right:

right click and modify, then set the value to and click ok, then start yahoo messenger, you can login without registering, so entering something really random will work.

well, i cant really solve problems with login, and not opening, dont even come to me, try setting compatibility.

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Yahoo Messenger looks interesing i need help!
Poll: What about a Old Yahoo! Messenger server?
So it appears that Wildman's Yahoo! server is back up ("four" the fourth time, eh?)
Add me in yahoo! messenger
What about yahoo


if it doesnt work, the problem is with everyone.

ps. retry




contacts are offline all the time


if i could atleast login i could try reproducing the issue




cause i cant login


u arent in your house or what?


login loop, press sign in, after a while, it goes back to the welcome screen.


rn it wont open rip


its working.


the program isnt opening for me


It worked! Thank you so much for showing us how to patch it. I thought registry editing was going to be really hard, but it was actually rather easy. I haven’t sent a message yet, but I’m sure that’s going to work fine.

Edit: I don’t think the video call feature will work, and the chat room feature obviously isn’t working. It’ll only let me add one friend, for some reason every time I add a new person it replaces the old contact. Other than that, it’s working great!


its good! but the friend list reset when you add another person and always all the friends are offline :frowning:


Yeah, the friend’s list reset for me too, but I found that resetting the messenger seems to fix it.


got it logged in but can’t add any one. yahoo messenger freezes instantly when I try to finish the add friend wizard.


If you’re using Windows 10, try running it again using compatibility mode Windows XP service pack 3.


did that before I even ran it. ran compatibility for setup and then set it again for the messenger itself. also running w7 for this.


Do any other versions of Yahoo Messenger work if you patch it like this?