How to make Hamachi work with your local MSN Server?

(original post posted by me on the Creating your own WLM ‘09 server the updated way topic.)


  1. Download Hamachi and create a network :


  1. Download Brackets, Visual Studio Code, or use a program to modify files (i recommend Visual Studio Code)

  2. Open the “msn-server-master” folder in VSC or Brackets (or the program you use)

  3. Search (ON ALL THE FILES) “” you should see this :

  4. Replace “” with your IPv4 Hamachi IP Address :

  5. Click on the little “Replace All” button then click “Replace” :


  1. Then start your server with the python dev command

  2. Once you did that command, it should make a certificate in the .devtls_cache folder

  3. Install it as Trusted Root Certification Authorities

  4. Tell your friends to join your Hamachi server

  5. Give them the certificate to install and the text to enter in the hosts file (for the hosts file text modify to your Hamachi IP Adress ! Its important, if you don’t do that, it won’t work)

  6. And enjoy WLM 2009 with your friends !


this can be used as to use voice calls?