How to install Windows Live Essentials 2011 on Windows Vista

that’s mini tutorial how to install WLE 2011 on Windows Vista (if you don’t know how)

for it you need

  • Windows Live Essentials 2011 offline installer
  • English Windows Vista SP 2

and updates KB971512 KB971513 KB971514 KB2117917 KB960362 what you can download from official microsoft update server

Install it and reboot computer

then start WLE setup select services what you wanna to use and install. It should be work

Also hard to find offline setup of WLE 2011 so i leave link where i downloaded it here Windows Live Essentials & Messenger 2011, Wave 4, Build 15.4.3502.922 Offline Install | Digiex

And yes, english version of vista for avoid UXPlatformLang error. English version helped me.

Proof image:


this makes me feel like back in 2011. I Love 2011 and I miss 2011


yea unfortunately windows live messenger, mesh and family safety not working anymore:(
maybe someone can run a server for mesh and family safety

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the wlm 2011 can works by using server escargot


It can’t.


you know, we can use that called “SetEscargotServer.reg” and we can sign in

You can’t. Have you even tested it before saying that stuff? Modern versions of Windows Live Messenger don’t use the registry.


nope, it’s worked. there was a Registry called “SetEscargotServer.reg” and you will have how to use windows live messenger 2011 by using escargot server. you are just dumb. you don’t have to.

Of course. There is the videoproof this video is not mine. all videos belong to Michaelmjd

This just proves my point. That’s not for 2011. The modern versions of Windows Live Messenger DON’T get the host names from the registry. That registry is only for old versions of MSN Messenger.
2011 won’t work yet. I develop Escargot. I’m 100% sure of what I say. Do some research before sending misinformation. It doesn’t bode well for you and this forum.


thanks for that. i hope someday someone develop the msp21 so we can logon on wlm 11 and 12


so, work on wlm 11 and 12 not started?

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edit: if you get some errors i can make a video about it

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No problem

the 12 are not started yet but before in 2011 versions that only work, that you most install 2011 that you creating a topic. and you have to use the registry of the escargot server only. likely it worked. and you have to use msp21 and we can log on 11 but the 12 version won’t work. it seems that 12 is not yet ready to use it. so use 2011 or others versions like 2009 8.1 8.5 and others you’d like.

What the… no. Don’t talk about what you don’t know. As I said, two times now, modern versions of Windows Live Messenger DON’T USE THE REGISTRY FOR THEIR HOSTNAMES! Stop spreading misinformation, you have NO IDEA what you’re talking about.

MSNP21 is not our main objective yet, our goal for now is to make the service more stable and manageable. We’ve been experimenting with some stuff for now, though.


Topic about wle 2011 but we talking about wlm. Lmao. It trolling or strange dialog but anyway it’s useless. Please discuss not wlm only but another software too


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Don’t pretend like you know what you’re saying while you’re not. All what you’re doing is spreading misinformation at this moment. They have a point. And also:


esacrgot’s msnp21 gonna suck.because they are not gonna make WLM 11 and 12 versions hybric->login using the original microsoft accounts credentials and all the rest (conctats etc) from the escargot side. that sucker calling walkingphasers told me that years ago.

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