How to get WLM 8.1 or WLM 8.5 working on Windows XP



So i got WLM 8.1 AND WLM 8.5 working.Today i will show you how you can get it working too!
first follow this thread Using Messenger with Escargot on Windows XP, and avoiding the 80048821 error
After that folow these these steps right here :slight_smile:

Download any wlm you want 8.1 or 8.5
Install it
When your done download THIS > < roots update and run it.It was made for Windows 2000 but it works on XP too.BECAUSE I TAKEN THIS FROM A YouTube video called Using Windows 2000 today.
You will get an error saying incorrect password or ID .If you get the error that contact list is not available try over and over to sign in it will eventually sign in.

Known issues

  • The contact adding is not working properly
    (Reminder: this list will be updated)

Currently need some help reguarding signing in
Messenger Plus! 4 sounds are not working on Windows XP

the one good thing you’ve done this year…:stuck_out_tongue:


Ok then


fucks sake






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This is one post so cool which u posted :slight_smile:
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i tried on 8.5 and it didn’t work so now im trying 8.1


it didn’t work


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Error name


i still get a contact list not available error




what a stupid bump :unamused:


i still get “your contact list is not available”




I still get Error 8004882 and i have already followed both tutorials


Try again and again spam it 50 times