How do I...

install the WLM '09 file onto Escargot MSN Server

Maybe you mean something else. but currently escargot supports up to version 8.5 of WLM. Wlm 9 and newer versions are still in development and are not implemented

WLM 2009 currently isn’t supported on Escargot (but it will be soon!).

You can set up your own version of it that does support WLM 2009, but unless you exactly know what you’re doing with setting it and WLM 2009 up to get it to connect then I highly advise against it. I’ve already had to deal with people messing up their server setup and even their browsing experience almost because they jumped head first into setting up their own WLM 2009 server without properly understanding instructions.

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i mean the 2009 skin of Escargot 8.5

you need messenger plus, after you install it you should set up the skin with no problem


Like @PPCB said, you’ll have to install Plus Live, and then download and install the skin from here:

i’ve gotten to the configure like config.png part but there’s nothing there i can find to configure? can you help elaborate on that?

To install the skin you just double click on it (the .plsk file) and install it normally. I forgot to read the thread fully and it comes with some replacement WLM DLLs you don’t have to worry about right now.

so you don’t configure anything?


do i have to worry about it right now?

Yeah not really. The skin itself is easy to get installed and it doesn’t involve anything else to get it working.