How do i get msn on windows 98?


How can i download on windows 98???

Enhanox's Escargot Autopatcher needs a lot of work

you cant, i tried ages ago, it still didnt worked, you need atleast xp with internet explorer 8, roots update, etc


2000 or i need xp?


Pretty much XP. as its the oldest windows to support internet explorer 8

and your also limited to 7.x




This video teaches you how to make XP apps compatible with Win2k, but I don’t know about Win98


seen this video like 5 times XD

why did you post it here?


its called kernalEx it only works on some applications like the Opera browser


You’re best off using MSN Messenger 1.0-6.2. Those are the only versions that are either compatible with or have versions suitable for Win9X (Windows 95 and 98).


Well why wouln’t Escargot work? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


versions after 5.0 dont work on 95/NT 4.0


what do you mean?


Actually, from looking at Microsoft’s download page on MSN Messenger 6.0 (yes, it’s still up hehe;, the system requirements seem to list Windows 98. Not sure about NT 4.0, but probably could run on there, too.




but it does not say NT 4.0 on there or 95


When I said “Win9X (Windows 95 and 98),” I was generalizing. Also, beforehand, I hadn’t included NT 4.0 (it runs on its own kernel; the NT kernel), but afterwards, I brought it up as a hypothetical (“Not sure about NT 4.0, but probably could run on there, too.”).


ok i understand :slight_smile:


I’ve seen this video several times, but not all programs are compatible with this “patch”, as Microsoft Office was shown.


msn messenger 6.0 dont work with escargot , but 6.2 works