How do i get msn on windows 98?

How can i download on windows 98???

you cant, i tried ages ago, it still didnt worked, you need atleast xp with internet explorer 8, roots update, etc

2000 or i need xp?

Pretty much XP. as its the oldest windows to support internet explorer 8

and your also limited to 7.x


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This video teaches you how to make XP apps compatible with Win2k, but I don’t know about Win98


seen this video like 5 times XD

why did you post it here?

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its called kernalEx it only works on some applications like the Opera browser

You’re best off using MSN Messenger 1.0-6.2. Those are the only versions that are either compatible with or have versions suitable for Win9X (Windows 95 and 98).

Well why wouln’t Escargot work? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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versions after 5.0 dont work on 95/NT 4.0

what do you mean?

Actually, from looking at Microsoft’s download page on MSN Messenger 6.0 (yes, it’s still up hehe;, the system requirements seem to list Windows 98. Not sure about NT 4.0, but probably could run on there, too.

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but it does not say NT 4.0 on there or 95

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When I said “Win9X (Windows 95 and 98),” I was generalizing. Also, beforehand, I hadn’t included NT 4.0 (it runs on its own kernel; the NT kernel), but afterwards, I brought it up as a hypothetical (“Not sure about NT 4.0, but probably could run on there, too.”).

ok i understand :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen this video several times, but not all programs are compatible with this “patch”, as Microsoft Office was shown.

msn messenger 6.0 dont work with escargot , but 6.2 works

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