Enhanox's Escargot Autopatcher needs a lot of work


The program is incompatible with various systems. Not the program itself (just install .NET Framework 2.0 and you are good to go) but it doesn’t patch the program. When I click the “Patch” button, it doesn’t do anything. Tried on Windows 98 and XP and the program doesn’t patch on these. The versions I tried to patch were 7.0 (I know it doesn’t work on those systems, but well) and 7.5 respectively (it was already patched, I just did it to test if it worked)


Well, it’s just a quickie application, the preferred way is the pre-patched.

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I know, but version 7.0 prepatched cannot be installed on Windows 98 because of a Windows Installer error. I used the unpatched version and i just hoped that the Autopatcher worked, but nope. Everytime I clicked on the patch button it did nothing. And I had to patch it myself. Result? Log in error. Tried going to the forums and asking what to do, and i noticed that I could use just up to version 4.6 for reasons unknown. Or maybe it was a patching error by my part?


The issue with post 4.x on Windows 98 is the authentication, as it requires TLS, modern ciphers and up-to-date certificates which Windows 98 does not provide. As far as I know, no one has gotten around that just yet.

So the patcher isn’t going to help here. You may want to review this thread:

Of important note, enhanox put a lot of effort in that thread on this specific issue too.


Ok, thanks.