Hotmail 2002 Design

Hi everyone

For many years I always wanted to have the design of the Hotmail 2002, the fastest solution is to use the “Stylish” extension and thus be able to use the retro design.

When not finding any design, I started to program the interface and this was the result, I hope you like it:


could you please reupload the stylesheet on another website? because that one has been broken and slow for a while. I recommend GitHub. btw, please use Stylus instead of Stylish.


Its not working for me

Thanks for letting me know, I had the pictures in private :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: now I have released update 1.1

It is true, it is a very slow server :frowning: I am sorry, it is the only extension that I know for Google Chrome, I have to update the browser 3 times to install the style

wow now its working and i LOVE it ! … That would be nice to get back the 2008 or 2009 hotmail style

I hate Google Drive hahaha, although the images were public they had a restriction, but I already solved it.

The design is from the login and inbox :slight_smile: I’m glad you liked them.

If there are more people who like this theme, I hope to make other designs, including customizing the Google search engine with an Altavista appearance.


woow cute!

but have some erros


I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:

The microsoft edge bar does not appear to me because I already have win10 and the icon if it is funny xD I changed the view in configuration so that it looks like this:


nice project congrats!

Well, if only this was possible for the desktop version - still, amazing work.

Thanks alzcore397 and mattx, the design nowadays seems very simple to me, instead I feel more comfortable with this more colorful version :grin:


this very intersting for me. wait new versions:)

it’s google chrome?

Great :slight_smile: It all started as an experiment and it worked.

That’s right, it works in Google Chrome with the Stylish extension

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alright . thanks now i try use it on 10

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It’s on the Chrome Web Store too!

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Yes, the Stylish can be found for Google Chrome :smiley: enjoy it

WOW! That looks Amazing! :+1:


Thank you, I also like it better, the login brings me many memories :grin: