Here's my first attempt to make a custom Windows OS. Blackcomb10 (BROKEN!)

Finally it’s here, let’s begin with blackcomb10!
motto for the OS (might gonna call it): aero is back and alive again!


Well its been a month, BTW I cannot development much since this is a cancer to work mostly i broke the build and im sucks at Sysprepping and so im planning it to make it work properly on more user accounts. Someone there will hopefully help me complete the recreate build.

To fix Aero Glass DWM, Download PDB Downloader and select “dwmcore.dll”, “udwm.dll” on System32 and then download symbols and copy the symbols folder to C:\Windows\AeroGlass, After that, restart DWM or Log off and login back.


M1 build:
(Deleted, but now archived by my friend)

M2 build (Office 2010 is pre-installed) and required atleast 12-16GB USB if you want to install it on real hardware:
(scrapped, archived on Internet Archive link below).

M3 and M3.5: Please use Internet Archive link instead.

Blackcomb10 (RTM):

Internet Archive: (my network is very slow so i cant upload too much stuff)
(Deleted, but now archived by my friend)


M3 and M3.5:
(fixing the build first, had to wait tomorrow to upload)

Blackcomb10 (RTM):

Blackcomb10 screenshot:



hmm all great but need change buttons :thinking:

good work!

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  1. why is the build number 1809
  2. this looks like windows 7 with a background, is there anything unique here that i’m missing?

Why are you so pessimistic? Is there something here I’m missing?

not all button are changeable, including the font itself, and idk how to use FontForge so if i use Windows 7 font on it then the clock will broke and will show [] instead of :.

Meanwhile at OldNewExplorer:

decided to put version 1809, so the program won’t cause problem with it.
Most program and including Bing Wallpaper may identify it as Windows 7 and will not allowing program to install Windows 10-only programs, such as Bing Wallpaper, etc…

Also its based of LTSC 2019.

And I had to include Microsoft Store + OneDrive (im not putting bloatware on it at all)
in order to sysprepping properly.

looks like i was trying to find a way to sysprep LTSC without errors.

oh, ok

Development is now paused rn, my main PC died due to RAM slot broke for no reason, got 1 BSOD and now it wont boot due to RAM.

Hopefully i will trying to change all stuff to make it more like 7

You can get like 16 or 8 i think and place it on a working ram slot

my motherboard has only 2 slots, DDR3, have two 4GB RAM.
both broke, but even i try reinsert many times and nothing worked, my hands even hurt so bad after this.

I fixed the RAM by swapping.

these buttons ARE changeable, you need to enable the alternate style when installing oldnewexplorer, besides, don’t use the start orb startisback includes, it’s not accurate:
Bitmap6805.rar (15,3,KB)

yes i did enable the alternate style, but i changed the dll file (using Resource hacker) for the OldNewExplorer and its now look like this (in the screenshot) for some reason.

yeah because you shouldn’t modify the dll file for oldnewexplorer

all right now theres a problem when i start sysprepping and its always show unattend answer file error shit.

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besides use sagorpirbd’s 7 theme for 10 as it includes everything you probably need

ok, also unfortunately i have to fix something on my windows 8.1 (customized with StartIsBack++)

First, on today it cannot access Google due to certificate error (in Pale Moon).
Second, if i tries to transform it to Windows 8 DP, replacing dlls with CustomizerGod (TwinUI.dll and basebrd.dll) got Windows Deactivated and you cannot reactivate unless sfc /scannow, The PC Settings app show a blank error message. (This also affected Windows 9 from

Oh wait, i remember that I already used Sagorpirbd 7 Theme, but the OS refused to load some button UI. (only some of them are working)

nvm i actually used WIN7TBAR theme, so yeah, but i had to fix the build again because i cant even fix the goddamn very hard oobe shit that causing the unattend error.

and including the Setup bug caused the device driver is missing (you can bypass this by insert a Aero17 M2 DVD/USB/ISO and then Accept term, switch back to Aero17 M3 DVD/USB/ISO and install as normal.), i will try to fix it on NTLite.

Gonna replacing the Segoe UI font with the one in Windows 10 PE (i mean the Setup PE one).
not sure if its working

All right, sysprep is working, but its install slower than Windows 10 does for some reason.