Here's my first attempt to make a custom Windows OS. Blackcomb10 (BROKEN!)

finallly, w10 with w7 interface. I’m getting tired of this windows 10 UI

LTSB 1607 version?

it’s nearly 12AM now for me so i’m will gonna try that version next time, this build did actually have the native Windows 7 Calendar + Date/Time when you enable it on registry.

Update: All good until windows update breaks aero glass :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey this topic was dead August 11 don’t talk here

who said

I’m gonna see if I can install this

can i have the link for M1

i have a 8 gig flash drive does this work with 6 gig iso?

i might install this in a VM now that i have a beast laptop instead of my old toaster

aw man with intel tho

i installed windows xp in a vm, im waiting my sister to let me use the laptop so i can install memz in it and destroy it, i tried Leurak’s april fools vid, its MEMZ Clean, not destructive, and i cant download the geometry dash one, coz EDGE is blocking the download

Windows 10 LTSC barely gets updates

It’s all security.

im didnt active so yeah.

i’m seeing this too, my friends also reported this problem, but rn im not planning to fix it, you can manually fix it yourself by using PDB downloader and download the symbols to the Aero Glass folder.

Aero Glass Location: C:\windows\aeroglass or C:\AeroGlass.

As rn i’m too busy to work on blackcomb10 and im plan to redevelopment since this build is broken like you cannot use multiple user account on it.

Man can i have M1 iso?

it’s okay. You bringed back some memories with this OS