[HELP] Why MSN plus always say 5 new emails?

MSN Plus email always saying 5 new emails but i dont have 5 emails, i tried whith 2 emails, same, its gmail smtp on the port 25.

Help me please, is there a fix?

Thanks! (im french)

Messenger version: 7.0

Windows version: 10


PS : It say its working but, still 5 emails… sooo…

And i activated “Less Secure” in google account settings

Where did you downloaded it? Can you please show me a link?

Unfortunately the SMTP protocol can only send mail, it can’t receive or check mailboxes. The POP protocol works completely differently to SMTP, and the 5 emails are actually the error code from the server, because it doesn’t understand the commands Plus! is sending.

I would imagine you’re already aware that the Plus! mail implementation doesn’t support the necessary version of encryption to connect to the Gmail POP server, which is why you were trying this way.

Not too long ago, I built a prototype to bypass the encryption problem, and although it worked, I quickly realized it wasn’t all that useful, because most people keep their mail in their account, so the POP mail count was the total number of emails, and not the number of unread emails. Is that what you were looking for?

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Yes! I would really like to see your bypass thingy!

Its the one from escargot website

Sure, I cleaned it up a bit to make it more usable. You can find it at this thread:

Thanks! Much thanks, it works perfectly. Sometimes it say 4444 new emails but its ok, it happen rarely. And, a last question (wich is less important) , is there a plugin for sending mails via MSN 7? (agin, thanks!)

That’s pretty interesting. I recognize the number, the 4444 comes from what I hardcoded for the size of the mailbox. I’m going to guess this is happening because there’s some sort of race condition you’re hitting in Plus, perhaps from the data coming in so fast (as it’s local)? Anyway, when I get a chance, I’ll modify it so both numbers are the message count.

I’m not aware of any plugin for sending mail through Messenger. I’m curious how you would envision that working. Do you mean like a whole mini mail client in Messenger itself?

Firstly, for the mails saying 4444, ok, tell me when you modified it!

And secondly, yes i mean like a whole mini mail client in MSN, like just basic function, see new mails, erase mails, and send mails!