Help me please


I am using messenger 8.5 and i have this issue where I cant see some of my contacts online even though they are. I tried blocking, unblocking and everything but nothing works, even though they can see me online, does anyone know how to solve it?


It’s a bug.Try uninstall and reinstall :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure ill give that a shot, thanks


Didnt work though


Any other tips?


try installing windows live messenger 8.1


I had that before 8.5 but that didnt go smoothly either. Quite annoying.


well i dont know why this is happening so … sorry i cant help


Its okay thanks for replying anyway.


Maybe this will help


Sadly no it doesnt but thanks for the tip


It’s a bug, will “solve” itself alone with time. @zRioziin knows this feeling.


Here’s hoping it will


Well, since you called me :stuck_out_tongue:

I also suffer from this bug, tried several things but I could not.

The only method that worked for me was to use Mercury Messenger on your smartphone: log into your account, add the person and log back on to the PC. With me when I do this the contact is added and if online, it is shown online. Try it yourself and tell us later if it worked.


My smartphone drowned a while ago, but thanks for the tip anyway :slight_smile:


But you can use Mercury in an Android emulator for PC. A very light that I like a lot is YouWave


Ill give it a try


I cant even find the app for it


Mercury or YouWave?