My contacts see me Offline

My friend and I use Msn for mac but my friend sees me offline when I’am online.
We receive a window asking if I accept a message from an unknown sender, and don’t get to see our custom emoticons. Is there a way to fix this?
Plus, a window pops up every time we sign in to add our contacts.

Greetings Daniela,

Unfortunately these are part of the many problems introduced recently – some people will get lucky and their account will continue to work somewhat correctly, but some won’t. Making a new account doesn’t help either.

This issue is that the Messenger server has changed how it responds and the contacts you’re trying to talk to are no longer on your allow list. Without being on your allow list, Messenger:mac thinks they’re new contacts and will refuse to download display pictures and custom emoticons. Regrettably, there’s been no success in adding entries to allow lists since this problem again.

However, you can workaround the popups and may even appear online if you make a quick tweak in the Preferences. To get there, click the Messenger menu, then Preferences and choose the Privacy button. Then uncheck the following options, ‘Only users on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages. Block all other users’, ‘Always alert me when I receive a message from an unknown sender’ and ‘Alert me when other users add me to their contact list’. Finally, click OK.

If you still don’t appear online, you can sign in at with your Messenger credentials and wait the web version of Messenger in to sign you in. You can then sign in on the real Messenger client (you’ll be signed out if you were signed in previously) and you should remain online to your contacts.

Truthfully, there isn’t a fully working Messenger client on OS X right now. I’m working on some alternatives where this problem can be fully fixed but will need the use of another client (that supports custom emoticons/display pictures) to do so.

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