[Help] 2 errors in WLM 8.5 (Flash and other)

Hello, in my WLM 8.5 everything works fine except for 2 thing, first one, its that on the startup of WLM , it auto-connect but it fails. But when i retry after that, its good. Any possible reason? If yes, how can i fix it?

And secondly, i always got an message that i need an updated version of Flash Player, and i suppose if the message is there its because Flash is now unsupported. But on Nina website (click here to go to the page), i did what they say but it still appear. Any help ? Thanks :slight_smile:

OS : Windows 10
Internet Explorer version : Version 2004 (?)
MSN / WLM version : 8.5

(By the way, im french. If the pictures are french, its normal and if my english is not perfect its also normal. Thanks.)

Flash error fixed

already done but after 3 restart, it just disappeared

Ok everything seem to be fixed, thanks for your help

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nevermind, still the problem of connexion, i do a new post on it.
Here : [HELP] Auto-Connexion in WLM does not work