Please don’t create useless posts.


this is literally raw and random, leave him be




this board is for random posts you sket @Machintosh_Lapfan


posts that has to do nothing with messengers <> a 100% useless post that is simply a hi


the board is called Raw and Random, and i’ve seen shittier things on this board.


holy duck you don’t understand it? it’s RANDOM.


Raw and random <> raw and shit


Just because it’s for random things , doesn’t mean you should do posts like this , it’s just stupid



what i said


then don’t visit messengergeek


How to stop shit posts?
Mute raw and random category.

I hope I was helpful


stop this shit guys, i’m tired seeing this topics with drama and blah, blah, blah… please stop that and thi is Raw and Random, that posts are free, so if you not like, just ignore it’s very simple for avoid dramas.