How to Stop Drama

So I’m trying to save this forum from crashing and burning anymore. You all have to pitch in too!
Instructions on how to stop drama:
See a post that could spawn drama? (i hope this one wont :angry:)
Just ignore that post.
Why should you do so?
Well people who like starting drama love attention.
If you don’t give them that attention (replying and starting a war,) they can just bitch and bitch and nobody has to worry.
How can we avoid immature people?
Just please try to be nice to them.
I thank you all for reading this and I hope it helps the forum. :cat2:


Considering I’ve been subject to petty attacks from certain notorious users, and telling them to stop does nothing, I think this should be more of a golden rule now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Aww thx :heart:
no homo tho lol :cat2:


If I were playing the MessengerGeek Drinking Game, the first 3 posts (including the first post) would incur 5 shots.

well there are some certain members of the forum who are starving and want drama so bad , if you dont speak to them for a while and they are in the mood of making drama then they get pissed and make a whole thread about it , I hope that other guy that created that thread is in a better place than the last time i saw him when he displayed questionable behavior , he was talking crap behind my back ,calling me insecure and so on , its sad yet predictable that he would use my name to revive old drama that happened from the past to create a new one, the guy has issues , i hope he gets the help he needs and i will keep him in my prayers :pray:

“We know you’re pissed he fucking exposed you, so why indirectly mention him? Also, why fucking spy on the discord? Grow a pair and try not to give a fuck about what people say to you in the discord.”

Exposed me? so you call screenshotting a person when he is arguing or angry is exposing? if you love screenshotting then i would have have screenshotted every insult OHHEY said to me and i will call that exposing.

I mean, it isn’t 10 paragraphs of screenshots, so I don’t see where you’re getting at :unamused:


You’re this way it seems every time someone fucking looks at you the wrong way
Anyways don’t reply to this, I’m not starting another flame war over both of us being pricks

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Well i wasnt even talking to you and you came out of no where trying to start a argument

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This is drama already

Theres always an idiot who starts drama



  • dramas are so booring
  • i love dramas

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I used to post on this forum a lot but then drama started happening and i started posting less and less. And now its to a point where i only post probably 1 to 2 times a month. Things have changed but change isn’t always good. Like posting this right now i am worried that i will get a not so friendly reply!

What a wholesome post, mate.
<3 (no homo)

be quiet and ignore him :cat2:

*> Tries to stop Drama
*> more drama starts