Goodbye Windows 7! We will remember you!

After 10 years with us, one of the best Windows OS ever made is going to finish its life. And we wont get Windows 10 because, its s***. Windows 7 will ever be with us, so I’m definetely going to stay with Windows 7 untill the end. Just a month and some days remaining to Windows 7 finishes its life.


I will always remember 7 as a “Vista dolled up edition” because how simillar it is with Vista and being so loved, even though they hated Vista too in most cases, but 7 IS Vista :stuck_out_tongue:

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its not actually the end… Paid updates on Windows 7


to be honest Vista SP2 is what people needed, not 7


fuck 7

long live 8.1

people don’t seem to praise 8.1 as much as its deserved because 8.1 tweaked to be 7 is actually a mile better than 7


8.1 without any tweaks is already miles better than 7 anyway

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Why do you say that? :thinking:

Faster, more stable, better ram management, more secure, etc

I wish I could move to Windows 7 haha, but I depend on 10 so much.


^ same thing for me, however it’s for XP.

laughs in windows xp

Me too lol, in too deep
But i do have a lot of older systems on the side i like to play with :stuck_out_tongue:

Using a system of almost 20 years is purely exciting. On October 25th 2021 I will be here, on my f***** XP, to celebrate his 20th birthday. Fu**** Microsoft! My next OS to do this will be 7. :star_struck:


I’m sorry my friend but, when Windows 8.1 finishes the life. No one except you will remember it with love :slight_smile:


i will

Oh! Then about 2 or 5 people(only from ths community) will do it.

haha, nice joke buddy, nice joke… wait are you serious?

Well, I guess that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 were made for tablet laptops and not for PCs or for laptops so I can say that Windows 8 and 8.1 is just good for tablet laptops because of the new start menu and other things… You know? :slight_smile:

Yes, let’s ignore all the improvements the system made and say it’s only good for tablets only because of the start menu /s

Hey! That improvements that you say doesn’t exist. Windows 8 and 8.1 are slower than Windows 7, it isn’t more stable, it is the opposite, and HAH! The ram management isn’t very important, and about security, Windows 7 has an antivirus exactly like the Windows 8 and 8.1(and old Windows 10 builds too) called security essentials.