[GAMES] Escargot Games!


doesnt work, im using spanish


It works perfectly on Wlm 8.5 :slight_smile:


how? why it doesn’t work on mine? hmm… strange


something very strange is going on, maybe escargot games is hiding something


i’m not hiding anything, are you trying to make us look like robbers?
we did take MONTHS to do this project, but with some 8.5 things the things go bad


i just was joking XD, but i dont have to pay for the game soo the only way to rob with that xml is infecting that with a virus.


msgrp2p_pt-br.zip (607 Bytes)

Portuguese Brazil Version


help for me it dont work


work perfect in spanish contact me on escargot santivanegas@live.com


add me santivanegas@live.com


During some hours, the server got hacked and a VoIP server showed up.
The problem has been fixed now.
Thank you for waiting.

  • Reverse Patchou


That’s the main reason because i hate 000webhost because that i use Byethost, is free, 24/7 and i’m not spamming, i say this because i really liked it, www.byet.host :thumbsup:


I use this host too.


the only thing that i can say is “http://msnemoticons.rf.gd


It does not work for me. It says: The list of activies or games is temporarily unavilable. Please try again later.

Someone solution?
My email: balazsuser@hotmail.com
You can help me on wlm/msn or here.
Please help :slight_smile:


on the Conversation window, Hold Alt+A, then click “Start (App Name)”


Now works :slight_smile: Thanks.


Now we cant play games because we have error 502


TWO SECS, i’m fixing the problem


If possible, I can make a Turkish translation… wait… we’re only two! Anyway, I can! :smiley: