Fixing Messenger's tabs to use the latest version of IE


Some of the more recent tabs now added in Messenger do not appear correctly or throw javascript errors due to the IE WebBrowser Control which defaults to IE7 mode unless you tell it otherwise.

Thankfully, it’s easy to fix most of them by adding some values into the registry.

Quick fix

  1. Close Messenger fully - right-click Messenger’s icon in the notification area (by the taskbar clock) and choose Exit
  2. Download and run this .reg file
  3. Run the .reg file, confirm administrator rights for the registry editor if needed, and then say Yes to add the entries into the registry
  4. Restart Messenger and try out the tabs.

Note: I had no luck getting Spotify to appear after logging in, but feel free to try as I haven’t tested it extensively.


As mentioned above, the WebControl defaults to IE7. This is controlled by whitelisting the executable and indicating the version of the IE rendering you desire with a DWORD value. If you specify a version higher than the one installed, it will give you the best it can.

The key is located here:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION

I have elected to use IE12 as it’s the current (and possibly last?) version. This will render as IE11 on Windows 7 when IE11 is installed.
(you can also use LOCAL_MACHINE for all users but you then need to specify under the Wow6432Node for bitness)

Additionally, I have whitelisted the Messenger executable to GPU rendering key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_GPU_RENDERING

Electing into GPU rendering drastically speeds up page rendering times and superior framerate of video content (ie. YouTube).

Some links for more info:
Internet Feature Controls (B…C) [msdn]
Controlling WebBrowser Control Compatibility [Pat Altimore]

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I don’t quite understand the registry edit part. do I put 8888 in for ie8? or put in 0x22BB?


Is it possible also to use other browsers such as Firefox or Chrome ? :relaxed:


[quote=“iGiftedSpade, post:7, topic:1098”]
do I put 8888 in for ie8? or put in 0x22BB?
[/quote]I’m not sure why you would want to specifically force IE8 mode unless you’re just testing, but as it’s a DWORD, choose Decimal as the Base and put in 8888. This will show up at 0x000022BB in hex.


I’m afraid Firefox or Chrome do not have the required COM controls to allow this to happen, so this is IE only :stuck_out_tongue: .


[quote=“TReKiE, post:9, topic:1098, full:true”]

The reason is i’m on xp and the tabs haven’t shown up yet after putting the registry in.


Can i change facebook mobile site to true site on msn escargot ?? Because a don’t realy like mobile version :S And also or facebook messenger ! Must have way to change it ??!! Please tell me if you have tric for this


Valtron should be asked to replace on the server with for the smartphone version to appear. The change can be made only on the server.


how you get this old tabs man, and not the new ones?


This screenshot is old, in it I could access the bing search and access any site by it. I just used it as a demonstration of what mobile facebook would look like by replacing “m” with “touch” on the server.

For custom tabs, you can only run a custom server with custom MsgrConfig and replace the url in the executable, which is nothing practical.


anyway thanks. by the way i havent see you online on MSN lately :P. jonathan fixed the tab issue take a look:


I’ve been busy, very difficult to be online. I saw this fix.

For those who use Windows 10 or 8.x as I do not need to use it.
I was watching some videos on youtube that divulge Escargot.


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Here it is:

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[ (by @Tasos_Anas)


propably these people except tasos didnt even know the existence of messenger reviver 2. back when official servers were online.

im impressed thought how many people made tutorials :open_mouth: