Fixed the sound in windows live messenger 8.5 in linux

So you will need to change the sound files from wma to wav
and then open wlm and go to optios and click alerts and sounds and set the sounds to the new (wav) files :slight_smile:

Here is the premade one’s


GREAT , now linux users can use wlm 100%, now we need to find a fix for macOS

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i believe its the same thing , install corefonts,tahoma,flash,riched20,riched30,msxml3,msls3 and should work fine

but the wine for os x , only support windows xp apps i think , so you would be stuck in msn 7.5

hmm , i would need a macos.dmg file to test it in a VM and see what works , i have a bootable USB with mac os on it can i make virtual box or vmware to boot to that USB? i dont want to download another 7GB image file it will take me forever to download with my shitty internet

you need hackintosh to make it work in virtualbox

i mean , the mac os x that you are installing needs to be a hackintosh version

it is a hackintosh

so yeah , you can

in vmware or virtual box?


ok lemme try

When you say that, what do you mean? i think 8.5 will run just like any msi app in wine and if it is on xp version you can change that in wine and set it to whatever version up to win10 , amma try installing Mac os on a vm now and see if i can even get mac os to install on a vm and then try it

hmm virtual box doesnt seem to recoginize my USB or anyother usb even when i add a new USB filter

not good name with song

nudge is not sound nudge
please check it

Oh sorry amma recheck it thanks