Finally got new Headphones


here is a small fact: my new phone didn’t come with any headphones, so i wanted new headphones, but i finally got 'em


who watches DankPods know this refference


this is actually the best headphones at home, those litterally trashed my dads to death really

I have good bluetoot headphone.

airpods without woreless charging case costs over a thousand reais

airpods pro are over 2k

the blowing sound in happy wheels is amazing


Very good!

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dat sum gud purchase mate

yeah it is and im not joking

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Wait why did you buy headphones for phones isnt it supposed for your gaming PC?

its meant for pc but it works with phones as long as it has a headphone jack


even tho i need a dongle to work with my pc (my pc does not have the all in one port for both microphone and audio) it works really well

Good for you then.