Escargot WEB?

What about creating a web version of Escargot?
I think this is one of the most requested things for the whole existence of the server. I mean that it will help to use MSN for example on school or work computers, on ios and other OS that doesn’t support MSN
Who can try to do this?

There was a web version called banana created by raymonf, but idk it still exists

That client also doesn’t support sending messages and is pretty barebones in general. It had its uses for gunking up the stats page with troll stats though (which is actually what the developer did but not on the same level as some others; he just added a fake WLM 2009 client entry). I’ve yet to see a proper webclient for Escargot however. One that supports pre-HTML5 browsers at that.

there must be escargot web

So this I guess but that’s a dead project.

Funny thing: I was working on porting the code to a newer version of Tailwind and Vue, but I couldn’t get it to connect. At that point I just gave up shortly after realizing Escargot had an outage. gg no re