Escargot is kind of closed source now

Maybe not all the time but phasers made a promise with me that everyone that talks about me would be banned. That’s a deal what phasers made with me.

And he’s gone, but no one still really talks about you anyway.

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I hope so.

this was expected when one of the maintaineers complained about “children” creating their own servers (hai tonyfuckoff). so there is one question - isn’t foss movement was created for? now they’re going to make money from this project, mainly from :brazil: community, and that’s really retarded



same for phoenix - after that sql dump i hate closed-source messengers revivals, bc i dont even know how they store a passwords and i didn’t knew that phoenix has a really poor password storage (and why there is no warning about that?)

let’s just use jabber on old PCs - imo escargot is dead now, especially with their incompability with other OSes than windows. nobody cared about this project before - no one created a linux/macos port of old msn software or a new client, so we’re forced to use weird crutches like wine or crossover

(except for the fact its more of a Pidgin client) purplemsn exists

that didn’t work for me btw

they want their stuff to be centralized, by not letting people host their own instance of their server software.

zzx was always someone I didn’t like because he never had common sense.

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As well as other factors pointed out before. Also, offending someone isn’t proving any points whatsoever.

I’ve spent over $500 on Escargot and NINA. My own money. Not counting donations. So yeah, maybe instead of being disrespectful about stuff you don’t know, do some research.

I think the purpose was that volunteers could help and add new features, yet this is a double-edged sword, and in our case a sword pointed right towards our gut.

We are openly transparent about our security. Check the FAQ.

Pidgin, Mercury…? And as I pointed out many times before, we’re working on patching other clients.

And I’m making a client, I just haven’t gotten around to do it.

I know how hard it is for someone with the lack of braincells like you, but read the full thread before sending random bullshit. Cut it out, you’re just looking pathetic at this point.


  • We are openly transparent about our security
  • Parts of Escargot will CONTINUE TO BE OPEN SOURCE!
  • We’re working on making Escargot better every day, if you don’t like how we manage it, there’s honestly nothing we can do. Our decisions are planned ahead and we take a look at the pros and cons, this is the best plan of action. If you don’t like it, honestly, forget that it exists, instead of moaning 24/7 about “How bad and dead it is”, even though our user base has been growing ever since we took over.
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you are doing too many assumptions, i in fact did not read the full thread, but you shouldn’t call someone a retard if they are wrong.

that is true.

What parts?

I’m not calling you retarded, far from it, I’m just saying you’re not smart at all, considering all the experience we’ve had with you.


Me and @tonyshowoff have pretty much said everything we have to say, @TReKiE (I know I’m not your target audience, but maybe do something this time) or someone else should close this thread.

Except you didn’t apologise, you lied and said you did, or you apologised to people not directly impacted by what you did, which is meaningless. I don’t know of anyone who has “promised to never talk about you,” I mean who do you think you are?

People like you want to believe that others talk about them all the time so they can validate their sense of self-importance. The fact is, you’re never talked about except:

  1. When you attempt, yet again, to try to con your way back on to our discord
  2. When you are used as an example of how some people can be absolutely full of shit

And that’s it, other than that you’re a footnote in the history of the Internet, you just don’t matter. And that’s fine, not everyone has to be important, but what is important is that you don’t pretend like you are important. If you do want to be important, do something other than complain here, because it’s not helping anyone, myself included.

Delusions are common with people with such a view of themselves, and it really goes to show you don’t see reality for what it is. What are users to wake up to? The fact that SxSuri conned an old admin into helping him, then later lied about apologising to try to get back into the Discord? And this is supposed to wake them up to what?

I will take you what they have awoken to, a Discord server which is 4x larger and a user base that’s at least 2.5 times as large. They have people to talk to, you don’t even have a server anymore.

Oh I see, well if that’s true, and I suspect it isn’t because you also said you apologised to him and he said you absolutely did not, it doesn’t matter anyway, because he hasn’t been in charge or around in 8 months. It just goes to show how out of touch you are with what’s been going on and why any conclusions about users “waking up” are meaningless.

You can keep saying it’s dead, but each time you do, it just makes you look laughable, because if you go back to when you were saying it before, it was half the size it is now, so what, if we ever have 10,000 users online you’re going to say “finally, it’s really dead this time!” It didn’t stop you when there were 700, then 1,00, then 1,500, etc online.

You’re just as sad and pathetic and SxSuri, the difference is, you’re much more ignorant and self important than he is. And our hope is to just break even with Escargot donations to keep the service expanding, I don’t know why you dinguses think that we believe we’ll get hella rich or something on it, it’s only to keep it running, we do other projects to actually pay the bills.

Stop pretending it’s evil for a project to support itself or developers, people like you are why a lot of people think open source evangelists are delusional about open source businesses, because any attempts to even support the project itself is seen as a betrayal from people who don’t even work on the project or have any knowledge of it, but will pretend they are experts about what’s going on – i.e. people like you.

Unlike most of you complainers, we spend the time, money, and effort to expand Escargot, stabilise it, etc and that includes to other OSes because Pidgin does indeed work with Escargot if you aren’t totally incompetent, so again you still don’t know what you’re talking about with anything really. It takes a lot more than just complaining about how others are ruining things, their project is dead, and forking it and doing nothing to make a good, stable service.

Users respond to that, that’s why it grows, they don’t give a frog’s fat ass about your complaints because they don’t matter, what matters is it’s growing and you want to pretend it isn’t. You can live in a fantasyland, but I don’t want to join you. I don’t expect it to be the biggest IM service ever or even a huge one, I do expect it to grow more, because we care about it and put in the effort, you expect it to die because you don’t care about jack shit and don’t do anything.

Don’t make fun of people’s names, veseldaft. I like that one better because you’re so ignorant it’s almost disturbing rather than hilarious. There’s also veselcrap, because you’re full of it. It’s too easy.


all because you hosted a shitty buggy instance of escargot in like summer 2020 that didn’t even fucking work. bruh

ah yes, you’re pulling the xpuser card. not surprised since you were EXACTLY like him. thank god you left squarebracket development.

edit: when I’m referring to xpuser, I’m referring to his 2020-self, I’ve joined the escargot/nina server under a new alias and xpuser has changed for the better.

not funny, didn’t laugh.

so escargot is “insecure” after it’s closed source? uh what.

maybe because every non-official escargot instance didn’t work whatsoever? remember sxsuri messenger? remember [epictaco’s escargot server that i don’t remember what it was called]? yeah. i do.

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Get out of this forum Canadian child Xd

I’ve apologized before I tried multiple times I even added you but you never responded.


kind of funny you say that considering i’ve been longer on this forum compared to you.

you got me there bud

same thing here, phoenix was probably the most unsecure aim revival after that shit happened

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