CE/DP Stealer 6.0 doesnt work on Escargot MSN

in the site named Sherv, i founded this “stealing tool” which you can use emoticons, winks and Display Pics from other users, so you can be like “all your msn things are mine!!!” so then i installed CEDP Stealer, that app needed MSN Messenger of course :stuck_out_tongue:

CEDP Stealer:
I was running MSN Messenger, so then i tired to test the app, so then i pressed Scan and nothing showed, but wait! i have contacts, so why it doesnt work? even the display pictures doesnt shows. it says 0 Files founded in 0 or 0,001, totalling 0 MegaBytes,

someone should modify this app so it can connect to the escargot server instand, or maybe not

idk is this the wrong category? or is it the correct one?

no theres is no “problems with extenal software” category, so, yes this is the right category.

Are you sure it was supposed to work on Messenger 7.5?

I don’t think this software does any type of connection. I imagine it just reads the files from your computer.

It may be a problem with Windows 10…

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try the StuffPlug addon for MsgPlus! it works on 7.5 tested

enjoy :slight_smile: