Escargot Host

I’m sorry for bad English, I’m using the translator.

Escargot is open source? I would like to be server for more testing and use. I have server and fixed fiber of 300 megs. (Download and Upload) Brazil

I want to do a private test and when possible feedback.
If possible, can anyone give me guidance?

yes, Escargot is open source, and there is my guide on how to get a server running.

don’t worry, this still works.

this is for Windows Live Messenger 2009 specifically, but i do believe it works with other versions regardless.

wasn’t able to connect with a 8.x (from early betas to 8.5, on a unrelated note, also 2009 betas) client for some reason on my local server. however that was in feb-march.


Can you use it today?

that was in march, so it doesn’t work anymore

it works, but it was moved to master branch.