Escargot Games: We got a new server


wait until i release update to, then click “LET"S DOWNLOAD!” then click on your App version


Simply, don’t do anything.
YellowGames is a crappy service and you shouldn’t use it anyway.


you, selfish, also saying to people to dont use the game service, which works perfectly, also made micheal not release a update for spaces just cause it isnt like microsoft.
Dont make drama out of this reply. please.


i just want it to be escargot games again, nothing more.
anyway ok


just a quick explanation, not to spread this, the name doesnt matter it could be “free sex shop right here come right now” and it would be a perfect functioning game service.
Anyways bye, stop hating everything.


yellowgames is just a crappy name in my opinion, it could be just escargot games anyway. What’s the problem?


fine thats your opinion.


I’ve planned that name for a year now, was gonna call it YellowOS Gaming, until universal apps came…


come online, i was gone for 1.5 hours
thanks -_-


Maybe it’s out of Windows Live aesthetics …
I think…


d e l a y s . . .

Application Test Files (MsgrP2P.xml) are kind of hard to make quickly…


Dude, you CAN’T say that putting your name on everything isn’t selfish


Basically what I said. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what shows up when I do Alt+A
Using 8.5

This is what shows up when I do Alt+A
Using 8.5


Does it work only in versions lower than 8.5? Haven’t tested yet but…


6.0 to i don’t even know the last version with that feature (Max on Escargot is 8.5 anyway)