Escargot Games: We got a new server


Yep, we got it.

The only games we have for now are:
Tic Tac Toe
File Sharing (closed beta)

Download here the Tic Tac Toe game: (609 Bytes)

(To install, just drop it in the MSN Messenger folder.)


How can I make/submit a game?


files are hosted by me, actually, (


We really need the Minesweeper Flags game.


shame it never got archived, even JK couldn’t save the stuff.


oh, and:

this is what i get even though i installed the thing


it’s a action bar thing, Alt+A, then Start (app)


I was going to make a “Minesweeper for 2” game for Messenger :smiley:





is it working on wlm 8.5?




universal since 6.0, AppFIle is English though, planning to get messengergames.yellows.rf or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


just got!, will be new server soon!


thats very cool


just make sure the server doesn’t go to “sleep mode” like in some free hosting services :confused:


it’s (InfinityFree)


finished! homepage looks like this:

downloads and apps will come soon!


You just claim everything to your ugly name, yellow. COULD IT BE JUST ESCARGOT GAMES?


do you want to make around 50 xml files?

Exactly, you don’t.

My account, i get my own FTP, also, email was down so I put my contact email