Escargot Games: We got a new server


yellows111, you voted in my poll “kill yourself” so i will say a thing with my heart…

Kill yourself, racist guy.


it’s called a “brand” you idiottt


no u

can you not be annoying?


yellows, i know that you made the website, domain, service, and all that shit but… i agree with deathlife. Couldn’t it be just “escargot games”?


that’s when we hit the official stage of servers.


And why this?


languages.txt (662 Bytes)
and you think 15 languages are bad?

languages.txt (2.0 KB)
t h i r t y


Soo… what do you have to do with it? Translate games? Menus?


do you really think that’s what that means?

  1. I still don’t get it.
  2. Are you using Windows Vista? .-.

  1. Yes he uses Windows Vista
  2. He’s acting stupid, i don’t know why he did put YellowGames, you can put that in your ass, @yellows111. We want Escargot Games.


a1: i got those files from the archive… but only the Binary Files (DLLs) i required… this app is ActiveX.
a2: yes… atleast it runs solitaire…


EG at offical status… like A PART of escargot’s sauce…


nobody wants that crap, goodbye.


Oh boy, do I enjoy myself some YELLOWS AND DEATHLIFE DRAMA!

Can’t you guys ever get along? :disappointed:

As for Yellows, I honestly find it stupid to smother in your name for a project that isn’t a personal or passion project of yours. I don’t really get it, is what I mean. Even though it’s in beta, I see no point to “brand” it with your name on it regardless. Seems very narcissistic. :confused:


What are you talking about? How is that racist in the slightest?! I can only assume you have no other insults in your arsenal. :unamused:


hoho lmao guess who got in the drama first? not me… :stuck_out_tongue:


games are soon anyway, just some XMLs need to be made or fixed, made all of TTT “App”, which is meant for Applications/Activities, while Games are “Dir” (AppDirectory listings?)


i can’t believe i actually did drama without knowing it
kill me ;(


I don’t really know why are you making these language .xml files. If someone knows enough english for entering the forum and download the game, then he/she shouldn’t have any trouble knowing wnough english for a freaking tick tac toe game


How do you install the games on MSN? step by step please!