Escargot Explorer

Hello MessengerGeek,
I have found another (shitty) program by Alejandro Cermelo,
You can find the program here:
So, what do you think about the program itself.
I already reviewed the thing itself.
You can find the review here:
Peace out!


shitty??!? its the best

For the lazy ppl who are to lazy to click the link:
Program Review: Escargot Explorer
Here’s my review of Escargot Explorer, by, your virus maker, Alejandro Cermello, which happens that his actual name is Vladimir Ivanovich.

Because he’s a Russian hacker.

Let’s get on with this review, it is a shittier version of MSN Explorer, albeit being in Spanish.

It doesn’t use data connections via a database.

It’s also an obvious IE container.

The creator DOESN’T want the source code public, so basically it’s BEYOND CRAPWARE.

So, The first program before I started to get better on programming, was meant to be intentionally shitty, because it was meant to mock shitty programmers (Cermello is the worst offender).

This review was made by your angry programmer neighbor, sswag412.

Over and out.

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Pointless in every sense of the word. WHO THE HELL IS TOO LAZY LIKE TO JUST CLICK WITH THE MOUSE?

I dont know :wink:

its only in spanish btw

The problem with this thing that its on ie (like windows 98 sits on top dos) and it means that “Escargot Explorer” sits on top of ie so yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It works in IE. Engine. So it is not a best browser lmao.

Like i said it sits on top of IE

i said to @penguin001

Miért nekem?

Nem tudom elhinni, hogy neked ez a legjobb böngésző :stuck_out_tongue:

ok nem úgy gondoltam

Úhh, megnyugodtam. Már féltem :stuck_out_tongue:

Vannak egyes hülyegyerek hogy már kiakasztanak már féltem, hogy te is olyan vagy de nem :stuck_out_tongue: Mindig azt mondom jelölj be msn-en :smile:

I have returned to MessengerGeek, I’m not a virus creator, I have decided to remove all viruses, forgive me,
PD: I created a new account because I was blocked by the other, ah, and i only speak spanish, i used google translate

Also, I have planned to translate Escargot Explorer into other languages, including English.

this project was almost the same thing as @sswag’s AOL Reborn project. an IE container.

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