AOL Reborn

Hello MessengerGeek,
This is AOL Reborn,
After many days, it has finally come!
And also someone must fix this for to connect to the MySQL server of

It’s cool!


Yeah, still does, but I tried to resurrect the older versions.

the aol desktop ?

Yeah… and it’s also combining both AOL dial-up and AOL 9.5 as well.

because the free version of aol desktop is DEAD , if this revive the free version of aol desktop so I WILL USE IT

This does…

In my opinion, it’s really bad made.
It’s only a crappy browser with no login…
Also the browser doesn’t even work, it’s bad

Deathlife23 told me about you connecting to his computer… good thing he didn’t show you the code :wink:

It’s just the browser portion of it, the other things will be done soon.

In the meanwhile, i’ll work with deathlife23 on the new version of Death’s Life.

At least better than yours :wink:

(Browser portion… buttons don’t even work… NICE! :wink: )

Can I get it?

No. You won’t get it just to it’s current code.


this is just an IE wrapper

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IK right

And you’re not wrong. Me having VS 2010 myself decided to look into this monstrosity. And it’s not even the jaw-dropping kind of monstrosity.

First thing, poor UI design. That’s obvious on its own.

Second thing, @sswag implemented a “Connecting…” form that just wastes your time with a progress bar that doesn’t synchrounize with the actual data processing. That’s because there is no data processing. Not even code to authenticate the user. All it does is check if the user is on a network, after the progress bar is full, mind you.

Third thing, the browser is not only as generic as those “web browsers” script kiddies make in those “How to make web browser in VS 2010 legit 100%” videos I’ve stumbled across more than enough times, but it’s broken and reeks of IE functionality. For example, with the “Go” button, he didn’t even bother to implement code to make it work. Same thing with the favourites. In fact, the logout button of all things doesn’t work, and @sswag never bothered to implement it. And when refreshing the “AOL Forums” login page, I got the usual IE prompt asking me if I want to refresh the page since it contained login data. And when closing the program, it still runs in Task Manager because there is no code to actually end the process, which is not surprising to me, since this is what I’d expect from a script kiddie-like VB.NET application. Truly shows how lazy he is.

Last thing, no matter the circumstance, you DO NOT steal other people’s codebases and try to make it your own by making UI changes and modifying a few things. And calling it yours point blank just adds more salt to the wound. @Deathlife23 wouldn’t appreciate it, and everyone else doesn’t appreciate it.

In short, this is BEYOND crapware. This is a shameless attempt at making a “service” by using an IE wrapper and link it to a related site, all the while stealing people’s entire programs, modifying it, and claiming it as your own.

What a shame. :disappointed:


tl;dr garbage goes in the garbage bin, not here


lol its vs project?

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Indeed. :wink:

lol its just WEB BROWSER