Escargot and YMSG (Yahoo! Messenger)



Great. Now initial contact details don’t work anymore. :expressionless:


in the end

you always just go back



Body seems unclear, is it a full sentence?


Copypasta aside, what I meant are the status details of each contact in your contact list after Yahoo! Messenger has successfully authenticated. :stuck_out_tongue:


In The End, it doesn’t even matters



Found a temporary fix for that initial contact detail stuff by explicitly setting the length of contacts regardless of whether it’s 1 or not, but then there are parenthesis next to an actually offline contact’s name, as if a blank custom status message was sent (just want to emphasize that this is ONLY after someone logs in and passes the authentication successfully).


then it’s 4.5.1 then, or 4.6, depends on your thoughts


I was actually going to go with “Update 4.6,” but I didn’t think it would make much sense. :stuck_out_tongue:



So apparently, copying and moving contacts to groups utilize the same packet with no extra key-value pairs or changes to the status/attribute DWORD to signify what kind of operation is occuring.

Yay! :expressionless:


welp, dont lose the hope yet :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not losing hope. I don’t plan to. Just got to sort things out. :stuck_out_tongue:



Got all the contact and user stuff finished! Time to go get messaging working again. :smiley:


Can you pass the instaler and instruction to how to patch please?


We’ve been through this on MSN. :expressionless:

When I have everything complete and finalized, I’ll publish what I have to the GitLab and then you can test it from there.


Great! Congratulations



I got basic messaging to work! Even buzzing works! :smiley:

I do, however, need to get typing notifications to work. I already have that set up, but when sending a typing notification to someone server-side, it doesn’t seem to have any effect. I’m trying to fiddle around with the packet data to see what sticks. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Oh yeah I also need to get Yahoo! Messenger conferences done with too)



While trying to figure out Yahoo! Messenger conference implementation, I had decided to implement file transfer first. But then, this happened:

Yahoo! Messenger file transfer utilizes HTTP after negotiation has been done via YMSG. I am unsure why this dialog appears, as if Yahoo! Messenger wanted to connect to the file transfer server, it would need no obligation to. I also hope this isn’t some weird connection problem thing. :confused:



After some thought, I have realized that Yahoo! Messenger tries to utilize the HTTP port for file transfer itself, and the Escargot server utilizes port 80 already, so it can’t use that port. I’ll see if using port 8080 on the server-side will help. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: No it didn’t. :confused:



So two things:

From some further discovery, Yahoo! Messenger apparently uses P2P for file transfer, which I find interesting.

Also, got typing notifs to work! :smiley:


Now I can rest in peace (and get conferencing out of the way). :stuck_out_tongue:


nice work :slight_smile: