Error Script


Cattura why this error?


It’s normal. You may skip it.


but if I try to click on a contact to send a message crashed


Any Fix?


now is impossible to use MSN for this error


try this

or this

if that doesnt work either, disable tabs


it works, one thing, I selected during the creation of the account the support to old versions of msn, I tried MSN 7.5 but always error connection is normal?


Can you give me the error code?


Blame @Craftplacer for making localization and @Maigol use Google Tags.




The Google tags are from @valtron’s host.

Also Craftplacer did nothing aside from supply a JSON file for the translation.




Try disabling firewall i guess


In the website code, there’s a useleess console.log() statement that prints the current language.
I believe that if I delete that the error should disappear


the firewall does not block anything, so why WLM working?


antivirus and firewall all off. pls help


Questa è la versione 7.5 se non sbaglio… Per riparare devi andare in

C:/Programmi(x86)/Messenger e sostituire l’eseguibile con la mia fix ^^!jxpVVARJ!ZU624-HgQcnFPyuQVnXIYCutv1pG9hDLS7jA3C1yCbI


non va lo stesso, e sto usando quella già con la patch


non è che solo l’ultima versione funziona?