Debunking my other lies (please dont insult me after this thread ._.)

Well, im arrepended of making the lies i did here so im making this thread to undo them

Now, PLEASE dont insult me after this thread, my mom didnt let me use MG nor talk to u guys cuz of that insults, but now i told her what i done to be hated, and she recommended me doing this

  1. Messenger Reviver

Well, back when i wanted WLM 2012, i discovered Messenger Reviver, but in my head, it was still working, and i was trying, but i told that it worked, and used the stock image, after noticing that it didmt work, it was too late, the mistake was already did. That was the lvl 1 of my “liar” lvl

Thats how much i remember, im trying to remember my other lies, so this post may be edited multiple times

Also btw, now my mom did let me request the MG stickers

  • Pedrox
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Also if you remember some other lies i did, tell me, and ill try to remember them, im sad, and i’ve suffered a lot by you guys, but i wasnt right, im VERY sorry


We all make mistakes some time in our lives, and it is good to look back on them to avoid doing them again in the future. In the basis of that, I forgive you. Just, don’t be a dramatic ass again, ok?

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Okay, i will be 11 in this year, so yeah, i should know what to do, i was 8 when i was lying

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Look, we get you lied to us and spread rumors to others, but the truth is, you are actually a nice guy on the forum. I know that, at heart, you are a really great person, and you are trying to show that. We all make mistakes in our lives, and we feel ashamed of them, too. If you can just show us that you are truly a good person, we won’t make fun of you, insult you, or make you feel bad. Some people on here are really toxic, and we can’t do anything about that, but the best thing you can do is ignore them. The flag button exists for a reason. If you find a post that’s offensive, you know what to do.

Just be you!


@InSanic i accept you apogolizes (but don’t do this again), ok?

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Well im sure youre still growing up
we made silly mistakes as children too


i won’t unban you

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Why? Underage? PF94 and XPuser and you were underage

I dont wanna cause a drama here

i won’t have to deal with your bullshit no more

i am too but like pf94 im turning 13 this year

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See? But pleasr dont cause any drama here

I’m 13, “13” still counts as underage?

but you were underage while i wasnt banned

sure, but you put your birth date on craftplacer’s bot like, 2 years ago or something?

discord found that and banned you.

but you were underage too like me, and reported me

anyways i dont wanna starty a drama here, please

Yeah, it does. In terms of American law at least. Both of you are, most people here are.

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