Custom Winks(MCO Files)

Guys with that app you can add more winks(MCO Installer)

I tested and it works,also i scanned it with my antivirus and its freeware.
MCO files(WINKS):

The process is easy :slight_smile:


be careful about using the content stealer tab. it makes the custom content manager crash.


yes this is bug because content servers discontinued and it crashes

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we can fix that by removing the tab since we don’t need it.

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yes we can,but its ok you can add winks so its not problem

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Do we know how to make MCOs? Plus, it might be a good idea to archive that site and the installer :3

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Mco files are made of flash movies.

I have attempted to make one, but I either messed up in making the CAB file (MCO files are just CABs) or they need to be signed somehow. (the Custom Content Manager shows “Error reading cabinet file”).

mcos are cabinets, they internally have MSZip compression, and I will show you what a normal pack looks like:

-(ID)Wxxxxxx.mct/cab (winks, they need a vaild “stamp”, see content.xml)
-(ID)DDPxxxxxx.mct/cab (Dynamic Display Pictures, they also need a vaild “stamp”.)
xxxxxx.jpg/png (backgrounds/static display pictures, they do not require a “stamp”)
xxxxxx.gif (Pack CEs, no “stamp” required)
Content.xml, (settings)

inside content.xml:

(HEADER) ?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8” ?

item contentid=“(ID)Exxxxxx” contenttype=“P” xmlns:emoticon=“” type=“emoticon” emoticon:namespaceprefix=“(ID, normaly TD)” mimetype=“image/gif” file=“xxxxxx.gif” emoticon:displayname=“Name Used for Emoticon” emoticon:keysequence=“Emoticon Shortcut, (up to 7 characters)”/>

item contentid=“(ID)Bxxxxxx” contenttype=“M” xmlns:background=“” type=“background” background:version=“1.0” mimetype=“image/jpeg” file=“xxxxxx.jpg” background:displayname=“Name displayed when hoved over” background:default=“(true/false, true, if you want pack to set defined background as default, if not use false)”/

item contentid=“(ID)Uxxxxxx” contenttype=“M” xmlns:usertile=“” type=“usertile” usertile:version=“1.0” mimetype=“image/png” file=“xxxxxx.png” usertile:displayname=“(select a display picture menu text)” usertile:default=“(same as bg)” xmlns=“” /

item contentid=“(ID)DDPxxxxxx” contenttype=“M” type=“dynamicpicture” mimetype=“application/messengercontent” file=“(ID)DDPxxxxxx.mct” stamp=“(stupidly long hash)” xmlns=“” /

item contentid=“(ID)Wxxxxxx” contenttype=“M” type=“wink” mimetype=“application/messengercontent” file=“(ID)Wxxxxxx.mct” stamp=“(Some stupid hash that is too long for anything)” xmlns=“” /

inside a wink file
(same is applyed to DDPs, just with 2 of the same image for some reason)

wink content.xml:
package xmlns=“” version=“1.0” type=“wink” xmlns:wink=“” wink:version=“1.0” wink:name=“(display name)” partnerid=“ID, just normally TD”>

<item contentid=“(ID)Wxxxxxx” contenttype=“M” type=“animation” mimetype=“application/x-shockwave-flash” file=“(name).swf” wink:sizex=“0” wink:sizey=“0”/<item type=“thumbnail” mimetype=“image/jpeg” file=“(name).jpg”/</package

DDP content.xml:
package xmlns=“” version=“1.0” type=“dynamicpicture” xmlns:dynamicpicture=“” dynamicpicture:version=“1.0” dynamicpicture:displayname=“Name goes here” partnerid=“(ID)”><item type=“downlevel” mimetype=“image/png” file=“xxxxxx.png”/

<item dynamicpicture:default=“true” type=“mood” mimetype=“application/x-shockwave-flash” file=“xxxxxx.swf” dynamicpicture:parameter=“displayMood=none” dynamicpicture:name=“Name goes here” contenttype=“M” /

<item type=“mood” mimetype=“application/x-shockwave-flash” file=“xxxxxx.swf” dynamicpicture:parameter=“displayMood=state001” dynamicpicture:name=“DDP emote name” dynamicpicture:keysequence=“(text that will automaticlly activate the mood, normally set to a predefined emoticon)” contenttype=“M” /

<item type=“mood” mimetype=“application/x-shockwave-flash” file=“xxxxxx.swf” dynamicpicture:parameter=“displayMood=state002” dynamicpicture:name=“DDP emote name” dynamicpicture:keysequence="(text that will automaticlly activate the mood, normally set to a predefined emoticon) contenttype=“M” /

<item type=“mood” mimetype=“application/x-shockwave-flash” file=“xxxxxx.swf” dynamicpicture:parameter=“displayMood=state003” dynamicpicture:name=“DDP emote name” dynamicpicture:keysequence="(text that will automaticlly activate the mood, normally set to a predefined emoticon) " contenttype=“M” /</package

sorry for the load of text…

Also here’s one of the possible hashes: (for a wink)


all stamps have to be different O_O



15 chars

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well that’s useless info.

Hi, the code is full? It is shorter than the others and not working :cry: can you help me? thanks

Some new news.

The certificate used to make the wink “stamps” are (at the moment) still downloadable from Microsoft’s servers, and from further research, the stamp is made by signing the main CAB file with S/MIME, using the same certificate. Hope this gets people going with custom winks.

pubkey or prvkey
thats the question

Public key, and I believe the private key Microsoft themselves used isn’t important when it comes to regenerating the signatures ourselves. Then again, I don’t know much crypto to back that up.

(Also here’s where I got the CRT from:

This is probably an irrelevant post for anything related to this thread.

surprisingly they updated the CRL in 2013 with a 30 year expire date.
also that root cert still is vaild after 18 years, but its on its last two.
also the Content PCA Cert itself (not the authcert) expired two years ago (2005 to 2017), interested to see how these early 2000’s certs survived…
on the other hand, the authcert expired many years ago (in 2010), but its still in messengers timestamp for 7.0 to about the after-updates of 2009.

Looks like it’s one linked private key for each public key, so even a certificate isn’t going to help us with custom winks.

link to the MCO files is down



web.archive. org/web/20170705174321/
(remove space before org)

direct download of Custom Content Manager (with MCO Installer/Manager)

Wayback Machine

and a question…
Looking back at my own post, and trying to install Winks on my Messenger 2009 by Escargot, I can see that MSN Content Adder together with my script doesn’t work anymore; in fact, MSN Content Adder doesn’t work at all anymore. (It worked flawlessly in the past though, at least for me, but that version of Messenger was 8.5 and not 2009 and the user names were and not Also, it was not Windows 11, of course. I don’t know if it is because of these things it doesn’t work anymore.)

My post:
wink.messengergeek. com/t/installed-mco-custom-winks-only-shows-default-wink-tab-wlm-8-5/2962/15
(remove space before com)

Anyway, back to the question… The program Custom Content Manager actually works (n.b. not MSN Content Adder), but I have to install the Winks one by one. There is no option to install them all, at once. Does anyone have a solution to this? I have about 500 Winks to install + Meegos on two Messenger accounts. By the way, MSN Content Crazy Show posted elsewhere doesn’t seem to work.

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