Custom sounds on Messenger 7.5?


Here my issue with MSN 7.5 and Messenger Plus!

Problem description:
With a friend we installed the recommanded version 8.5 but we had the bug describe in the FAQ which is:
"After I added someone to my contact list on WLM 8.x, said contact appears offline for a long time even when they aren’t. Why does this happen?"
“This is a bug, and has been mostly fixed (except for edge cases; WLM 8+'s “protocols” are a mess), but the fixes haven’t been deployed yet.”

So we removed 8.5 and we installed 7.5 with an old version of Messenger Plus. Custom emoticones seems working but not sound (the preinstalled sounds no problem). Once I try to send a custom sound the error is…

Error code/error message: “unable to connect the server. If the problem persist see the security option” (and I’m pretty sure firewall it’s ok)

… so it’s possible to have custom sounds on it? Or is there a solution for 8.5 to try again with it? I see there is a .dll file for Plus! to change the server sound but it’s for 8.5


What has been tried so far: Uninstall Live Messenger 8.5 for a new install of MSN 7.5

Messenger version: 7.5 (7.5.0324)

Messenger Plus! version: 3.61.145 (octobre 2005)

Windows version: Windows 10

well, i guess this could fix your poblem with the custom sounds

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Wow ok it’s working thanks! :smiley:
I didn’t find this thread with my previous search

Thanks again!

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