Come join TReKiE's long-abandoned MessengerGeek IRC channel!


I just found out that MessengerGeek had an IRC channel, and I realized that it was the little chat applet on the MessengerGeek blog, which I had assumed was abandoned. Since that is most likely the case, I just want to advertise the server here as I think it still deserves some life. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yes, @TReKiE owns the IRC channel, not me)

To join, whip out your favourite IRC client and nick, then set up a network with these settings:

Port: Default (6667)
Channel: #messenger

Then continue the conversation, as Escargot likes to put it. :wink:

I’ll be on as assholishkirk, so I’ll see you there. :slight_smile:


dont ask
long story


you can tell me that is the best irc client , in your opinion




you know how i can create a account ? :stuck_out_tongue:


No need to. Just type up a nick, set up the network, and you’re all set. :stuck_out_tongue:


if someone want to add me , my nick is PPzudo


Time to set it up in my ZNC and chat


nice profile picture


LOL you saw? :stuck_out_tongue:





you too


when im looking for irc client

Why russian people use yandex not google?

I mean, the URL is, so it does hint to “the good stuff.” :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice find :laughing:


I mean you are using a russian search engine so what do you expect


he is russian


*Anthem of Russia*


I understand that but the point is with using a russian search engine that doesn’t have as good search result control as with google you really don’t know what to expect


u mean this one?