Why russian people use yandex not google?

Im asking rant rant warwat

Bing is better

I like it

also , i think that you should ask this for @veselcraft

I personally lazy to customize the search engines and use either Yandex or Google. and sometimes it is because of the fuking google captcha I’m forced to use Yandex

How does DuckDuckGo work over there? It includes Yandex as well as Google, bing, and others I believe.

duckduckgo work’s perfectly

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I just do not use DuckDuckGo on my smartphone because the results of a search take about 20 seconds to appear more than Google, no matter the connection :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the Yandex Browser on my smartphone and my VM with Windows XP, it’s a great browser :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s weird. I even used duckgo on dial up once and it loaded pretty decently considering.

It’s fucking steriotype and i hate it! I’m using only Google! ONLY!!! Не думал что ктото додумается спросить подобное

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просто чувак в одном из топиков заметил у меня яндекс, вот и возник вопрос

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Russian people surely know that their government can obviously (like any other) check about what they do though the providers, so they don’t want to give the americans the same possibilities though the browser ?